Passionate Change

We are all change makers. Whether we’re researching cures for cancer, raising a family or showing kindness to someone – what we do, and how we do it, can create change in our world.

I’m often inspired by the change makers around me. They encourage me to dig a little deeper, and press on for change. Change that I feel is important and necessary.

Typically, we become passionate for change based on our own personal experiences. Emma Yang, a 12 year old, is a prime example of this. Read her inspiring story here.

Rising Up


Family Resources’  SafePath program held a luncheon yesterday to support its sexual violence survivor resources. It was a moving event.

Sexual violence causes change in its survivors and victims. Unwanted and undeserved change. Kelly McReynolds delivered the keynote address, titled “Learning to Live Again: A story of rebuilding after rape”. Her story is heartbreaking. Her healing is inspirational.

Every woman and man deserves a life free of violence. To stand with a survivor, say: I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s not your fault. I believe you. You are not alone. To seek help, call the SafePath crisis line at 866-921-3354.

You can learn more about SafePath at

A Thought on Change


Change of one sort or another is the essence of life, so there will always be the loneliness and insecurity that come with change. When we refuse to accept that loneliness and insecurity are part of life, when we refuse to accept that they are the price of change, we close the door on many possibilities for ourselves; our lives become lessened…. Life evolves; change is constant.