Final Call for Birdies for Charity pledges

Pledges due July 14!

A reminder that there is still time to donate to The Legacy project through Birdies for Charity! Since 1971 the John Deere Classic has delivered over $70 million to regional charities, most of it through its innovative Birdies for Charity program. Through Birdies for Charity, it is gratifying to know that 100% of every pledge collected for The Legacy Project goes directly to us. The John Deere Foundation covers all administrative costs to make that possible. Plus, the tournament takes its profits each year and delivers a second check from between 5% and 10% of our final total to make the deal even sweeter. There is no more impactful way for you to help The Legacy Project!

Download a pledge form today, where you can guess the number of birdies and have a chance to win some awesome prizes. You can send your form directly to the Birdies for Charity office.

Or, donate directly online through this link.

But remember, use The Legacy Project’s birdie number (2101), on your paper pledge form or to find us online. Deadline is July 14, but don’t wait that long.


Join Us!

The Legacy Project will hold a fundraiser at Chipotle in Davenport on Tuesday, November 1. Stop in at Chipotle between 4-8 pm on the 1st, mention The Legacy Project fundraiser, and 50% of the proceeds goes to The Legacy Project.

In other words, you can make a difference in the life of a Quad Cities motherless girl by eating a burrito. Pretty cool stuff.



The Gifts

I love photography. There’s something to be said for capturing moments on film. Precious moments of our families, and memories we’ve made together. And as much as I love photographing the people in my life, I especially love nature photography. What I’m reminded of when I shoot nature is just how precious it is and how often times we take it for granted.

The dew on delicate daisy petals.

The sea of intricate purple lupine.

The majestic eagle soaring overhead.


So while capturing the beauty through a lens is awe-inspiring, so is the quiet serenity that comes from just being in nature – slowing down and enjoying the gifts.

Dewitt Jones, a talented photographer who spent 20 years with National Geographic, uses the phrase, “Celebrate what’s right with the world” when he snaps his photographs. The images he sees through the camera inspire him to do just that.

While I am still motivated to try to create beautiful images of nature, I can allow myself to enjoy the total beauty of the experience. There is a profound spiritual awakening to be enjoyed beyond the realm of f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field, and exposure compensation.

Slow down. Enjoy the gifts.

Mother Loss from the Eyes of a Tween

I worked a funeral luncheon this week. A young 35 year old mom unexpectedly passed away. She leaves behind a husband and three young children: 13, six and three years old. One word? Heartbreaking. As I refilled sandwich trays, stocked the dessert trays, and watched this young family, I was transported back to my mom’s funeral.

For me, the funeral was easy. I am in no way making light of my mom’s death. But as an 11 year old, it was easy to put on a smile, and be surrounded by people showering me with attention. There was food. And more food. There were folks making small talk, asking if you needed anything. There were walks around the funeral home grounds with my bestie, Liz. There was love all around me.

The hardest part of losing my mom came in the quiet. After the hustle and bustle of the funeral, the cards and visits dwindled. No one outside of my family talked about mom anymore. If I could go back to being an 11 year old motherless girl, knowing what I know now, here’s what I’d ask for:

Stories – Silly or serious, give me stories about my mom. If you don’t mind, write them down for me. I may not fully appreciate them at this moment, but I will cherish them later. I’ll take mom stories months or years later, too.

Talk – Just because she’s gone, doesn’t mean she should be forgotten. Please don’t assume that she’s too hard to talk about, and that healing equals ignoring.

Journey – Losing a parent as a child is not a journey often traveled. Who can prepare for something like this? I can’t. But at the end of the day, I just want to be like my friends. I want to take one day at a time. And while this is an important piece of my life story, I don’t want to be defined by my loss.  I’d like it if you treat me like Sally next door.

If you could go back in time during a challenging period of your life, what would you ask for?

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This gathering is for girls and young women of the Quad Cities who have lost their moms. We will work on a project and celebrate moms. Guests are encouraged to bring a photo of their mom with them ... See more

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