The Gifts

I love photography. There’s something to be said for capturing moments on film. Precious moments of our families, and memories we’ve made together. And as much as I love photographing the people in my life, I especially love nature photography. What I’m reminded of when I shoot nature is just how precious it is and how often times we take it for granted.

The dew on delicate daisy petals.

The sea of intricate purple lupine.

The majestic eagle soaring overhead.


So while capturing the beauty through a lens is awe-inspiring, so is the quiet serenity that comes from just being in nature – slowing down and enjoying the gifts.

Dewitt Jones, a talented photographer who spent 20 years with National Geographic, uses the phrase, “Celebrate what’s right with the world” when he snaps his photographs. The images he sees through the camera inspire him to do just that.

While I am still motivated to try to create beautiful images of nature, I can allow myself to enjoy the total beauty of the experience. There is a profound spiritual awakening to be enjoyed beyond the realm of f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field, and exposure compensation.

Slow down. Enjoy the gifts.

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